Evening Gown

One of my favourite evening gowns is a Kay Unger design (from Neiman Marcus). It's pink with a nice little bolero. Add a pink, cream or gold shoes and hand bag, and it looks great. Pearl earings, bracelet and choker are even better.

The evening gown choice is amazing. I prefer pink, orange, yellow, black, green or brown evening gowns that suit my complexion as a summer colour person. A winter colour person might prefer jewel colours, such as deep reds, blues or greens. Black is also popular afor evening gowns and looks great in a style to suit your body shape.

I prefer strapless rather than a halter evening gowns. I constantly scan the magazines, shops and Websites for my next evening gown. 

We love our evening gowns! Which evening gowns do you like?

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