Manly Fashions on the Field by Fashion Stylist Esma Versace

“Any man may be in good spirits and good temper when he’s well dressed.  There ain’t much credit in that.”

- Charles Dickens

Whilst the ladies take most of the style-glory on race day, men are upping the ante in the style stakes on race days.

Thankfully for men, dressing for the races is a little easier with fewer rules to follow.  Here are some simple style tips for the well-dressed man at race day:

  • Dress for the occasion – you’re not dressing for the office so add a little glamour and sophistication to race-day
  • Mix it up – if a suit is your daily uniform, opt for a smart blazer pant instead.
  • Shirt sense – race days are the time for men to choose shirts in bolder colours and prints.
  • Accessories maketh the man. Just like the fillies, accessorising makes or breaks race-day style. Attention to detail is important. At a minimum, a good shoe, belt, and pocket square is a must, but if you want to step up your style-game add a lapel pin, tie clip, bow tie or cuff
  • Be well groomed. A hair cut and shave is essential race-day grooming. For those men with beards, manscaping is also
  • Well matched – co-ordinate an element from your partner’s outfit, e.g. colour in your tie or pocket square.
  • Finishing touch – for some men, a hat is style-du-jour on race-day. A trilby or fedora perfect race-day


Raise your style stakes for Spring racing with the latest fashion trends.


To make a statement trackside, a bold check in a modern constrasting colour makes a


A contrasting blazer and pant is a major summer trend.  Elevate the look to formal with a luxurious slim-fit dress pant and smart pair or

Cool Runnings

Light-weight suits are perfect for the Aussie heat.  Choose from cool shades of pale blue, beige and soft

Slim Lines

We see a return of the slim line suit this summer.  A well-cut slim line suit makes an elegant and modern statement.  For men with larger frames the slim line suit is not the best option, choose a classic style


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