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Track Dack Day for TLC for Kids 2015

May 2015 will see organisations Australia-wide holding Tracky Dack Days to raise awareness for the need of emergency support for kids in hospitals - the kind of support that can’t go on a waiting list.

Tracky Dack Day is the major fundraiser for TLC for Kids, Australia’s only emergency response support for distressed kids in hospital and their families.  The organisation was founded by Tim Conolan who was named Australian of the Year, Local Hero, 2014.

To participate in Tracky Dack Day, schools, workplaces, day care centres and sporting clubs across the nation are invited to nominate one day in May to don their trackies and make a donation to the cause; in other words they’ll “dack-up and donate.”

Whether it’s the basic fleece tracky, blinged-up velour hotpants, a sports luxe number or some joggers, partakers will mix style with substance while helping sick kids on their journey to recovery.

“Time spent in hospital can be very tough at best and very tragic at worst. Any sense of normalcy is essential during these times. The kids in hospital are encouraged to wear trackies or, at the very least, comfortable clothes whilst on the ward to make them feel relaxed, which also puts them in a better state of mind,” says Tim Conolan CEO and Founder TLC for Kids.

Tracky Dack Day has garnered endorsements from a host of celebrities including Anthony "Lehmo" Lehmann (comedian) Christie Whelan-Browne (musical theatre star), Alex Davis (model), Shura Taft (Australian television and radio presenter) and Loudy Wiggins (née Tourky – dual Olympic Medalist).

Kmart is also getting behind Tracky Dack Day. Kmart team members across Australia “dacked-up” for the first weekend of May.

To register or donate go to

TLC for Kids is a not-for-profit organisation that offers the fastest free referral-based service in Australia for all kids in hospital and their families.  

Since 1998, TLC for Kids has been able to provide distractional and emotional support for sick kids and their families across the country, over 5 million times and counting. The organisation works with over 400 hospitals and reaches over 1,750 sick children every day of the year. TLC for Kids is the most inclusive charity of its kind, operating with extremely short turn-around times and no restrictive criteria. 

With enough support, TLC for Kids aim to provide impact services for every child who needs it whilst in hospital, and to ensure no child falls through the gaps of the health care support system.

For more information, visit:

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