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Support the Inaugural GOOD SPORTS Charity Luncheon for Epilepsy Action Australia in Sydney

Support Tony Greig's Epilepsy Legacy 

Luncheon May 13 at 12noon @ Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

VIP Guests include Vivian Greig and Mark Geyer (former national representative rugby league player and current media identity)  Four Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street, Sydney 12 noon for 12:30pm start  Single & Table options available (Book your tickets today!)  

“Creating greater understanding of epilepsy among the wider communityremains an important focus for us (EAA). Anyone who has experiencedepilepsy first-hand will certainly sympathise.” Tony Greig 2010 TONY GREIG’S STORY The legend of Tony Greig as a cricketer, players’ rights pioneer, media commentator, and sports entrepreneur is well known. In the late 1970’s Tony, along with Kerry Packer, became globally known for the introduction of World Series Cricket – a revolution that took cricket to a whole new level and changed the game forever. 

Far less known is Tony’s personal battle with epilepsy, which he lived with from the age of 12. In his adult life, Tony and his wife Vivian knew how important it was to manage his lifestyle and condition so that he could pursue his professional cricket and media career and enjoy his family life. His own experiences gave him a personal insight into the needs of those diagnosed with epilepsy. "Being involved with Epilepsy Action Australia is a way to honour his memory and our life together, keeping Tony's legacy alive.

It's way to keep him present for our children. Both of us believed that being in a position to be in service to others is a gift in itself." Vivian Greig  Tony served as an Ambassador for people with epilepsy, willingly giving his time, profile and skills to Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA) to help further their cause.  

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