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Support the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund

Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund

Carol Smit:

Carol is the ‘Bipolar Research Fund’ Founder, Manager, Event Organiser and Volunteer of the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund (IPBRF).

Consumer Affairs Victoria Registration No: 11676

The IPBRF is the inaugural and only Bipolar Research Fund in Australia and is a Funding Partner with the Australian Rotary Health (ARH) /Ian Parker Bipolar Research (IPBRF) Fund PhD Scholarship Program for Bipolar Research.

The IPBRF is raising funds for our inaugural worthy recipient Emma Gliddon, PhD student of Deakin University Geelong.

Emma will emerge with the inaugural 'Doctorate' of Bipolar Research in Australia by the end of her 3 year scholarship.

Bipolar Research fundraising events will continue to be staged by the IPBRF for the same opportunities be given to further PhD students who wish to follow in the footsteps of Emma for a Bipolar Research ‘Doctorate’ to increase the Bipolar Research quest to find the cause and an eventual cure of the insidious and indiscriminate Mental Health illness of Bipolar Disorder. 

The IPBRF was initiated by Carol Smit after the tragic loss to suicide of her only sibling and beloved brother Ian Parker. Ian had suffered severe episodes of mood swings over a 25 year period, requiring 106 hospitalisations.

Carol is extremely passionate, driven and dedicated toward a 'positive' and 'purpose-filled' meaning be given to this tragic event in her quest to helping others not suffer this same painful and heartbreaking legacy of her family and their loved one. All donations of support toward bipolar research WILL help us together find the cause and a cure of Bipolar Disorder.

Carol Smit

Founder, Manager and Event Organiser

Email: Mobile: 0448 271 044

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