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Support UNICEF Super Dads

Your Dad might be your hero, but on Father's Day help him be a SUPERHERO and save children's lives.With a UNICEF Super Gift you can put the power of a life-saving super food into the hands of your Super Dad and make a difference to children suffering from extreme hunger. Buy a super gift of super foodEvery child, everywhere, has the right to nutritious food. Join UNICEF and, for $48, give a child enough therapeutic food to restore them to good health.

"More than 50,000 children in South Sudan could die before the end of this year.
We can all be Super Dads for one day and help UNICEF reach them with the Super Food they need to grow healthy and strong."
- UNICEF Australia National Ambassador for Nutrition and SBS Destination Flavour host Adam Liaw

Buy a super gift of super foodThis Father's Day choose a Super Gift for a Super Dad and unleash a super power for UNICEF.

Adam Liaw
for UNICEF Australia

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