Monday, 11 November 2013 11:44

World Aids Awareness Week

In Queensland several organisations working to address HIV/AIDS issues came together in 2005 to form the Queensland World AIDS Day Alliance. Organisations represented in the alliance are:

QWADA plans and facilitates a collaborative approach to World AIDS Day events and associated HIV/AIDS awareness raising, prevention and education activities. The QWADA has the support of many Queenslanders and organisations within the state in the work it undertakes. The Patron is Justice Michael Kirby

QWADA aims to raise awareness in the Queensland community about HIV/AIDS issues, including the need for support and understanding for people living with HIV/AIDS as well as education and prevention initiatives. The particular focus is on World AIDS Day and the week leading up to that date.

RED Packs promoting WAD will be available on the website to assist communities plan and stage WAD events locally.

The QWADA Coordinator for 2013 is Trish McKenna who can provide further information about 2013 WAD activities in Queensland. Trish can be contacted via email on and

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