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International Womens Day Breakfast

International Womens Day Breakfast - Has Ended

 8 Mar, 2022 - 8 Mar, 2022
 Tue 7:00am - Tue 9:00am
 7 Boronia Street
  Bowral, NSW
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Champagne Breakfast consists of Hot Buffet Breakfast with champagne on arrival, unlimited Tea, Coffee & Juice.

This event is not just for women, it is open for all who wish to attend!

Our Keynote Speaker for the morning will be Mark Balla – known as The Toilet Warrior.

Can you imagine sending your children to a school without toilets? Or perhaps going to work in an office without toilets? Laughable… and yet this is the reality of hundreds of millions of people around the world.

For men and boys, it is no doubt an inconvenience. For women and girls, it is a much more serious situation. Put yourselves in the shoes of an adolescent girl when she has her period. Would you go to school on those days if you were her?

And what of women in the office? How would you feel about drinking water or having a coffee at morning tea if you knew that you would have to wait until you got home to use the toilet? Again, this is real life for so many.

For tens of millions around the world, even having a toilet at home is nothing more than a pipe dream. Men and boys use bushes and trees and walls. It’s been that way since humans have walked the earth. Women and girls, however, in many parts of the world have to wait until after dark or before dawn to relieve themselves. If they are lucky, they go out in groups to watch out for each other. They know there is safety in numbers. Those who have to go alone at night often do so at their own peril.

Mark Balla is a member of the Rotary Club of Box Hill Central in Melbourne, Vice Chair of the WASH Rotary Action Group, a member of the Rotary Foundation Cadre of Technical Advisors and a man whose life is completely in the toilet. Mark is going to speak to us about a small project that he brought with him when he joined Rotary in 2014 and about how this project has developed into a global program that has been supported by dozens of Rotary Clubs and Districts around the world.

This International Women's Day event has been organised by the following four Rotary Clubs:

  • Rotary E-Club of Brindabella
  • Rotary Club of Bowral/Mittagong
  • Rotary Club of Moss Vale
  • Rotary Club of Berrima District

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