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Heart4justice Fundraiser- Girl Rising - Avoca Beach NSW

Heart4justice Fundraiser- Girl Rising - Avoca Beach NSW - Has Ended

 23 Jun, 2014 - 23 Jun, 2014
 Mon 7:00pm - Mon 10:00pm
 69 Avoca Drive
  Avoca Beach, NSW
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heart4justice fundraiser- Girl Rising

Faced with tragic and dangerous obstacles each day, millions of girls around the world are prohibited from getting an education. This  film called Girl Rising tells the stories of nine extraordinary girls from nine countries who face poverty, slavery and arranged marriages.

This film was released by 10×10, a global campaign which works to share meaningful stories about the power of educating girls in the hope of inspiring individuals to take action and support the initiative. All proceeds from this screening go towards helping a young girl from Kenya called Rose fulfil her dream to become a doctor and then serve her country.

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 Cath Evansorganiser
 0414 744 577

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heart4justice fundraiser

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avatarCath Evans on Tuesday, 17 Jun 2014 3:29pm
"Educate a girl and she WILL change the world".

Did you know?
- Right now, 66 million girls dream of going to school
- A girl who completes basic education is 3 times less likely to contract HIV
- There are 33 million, fewer girls than boys in primary school
- Girls with 8 years of education are 4 times less likely to be married as children
- 63% of the worlds illiterate youth are female
- 14 million girls under 18 will be married this year; 38 thousand today; 13 girls in the last 30 seconds
- A child born to a literate mother is 50% more likely to survive past the age of 5
- Educated mothers are more than twice as likely to send their children to school
- If India enrolled 1% more girls in secondary school, their GDP would rise by $5.5 billion
- School is not free in over 50 countries

At the root of the world's most complex problems (poverty, sexual assault, human trafficking, child brides), lies a lack of access to education. As seen in the above statistics, this violation of the most basic of human rights, affects predominantly: girls.

A 15-year-old, uneducated, Ethiopian girl by the name of Trunesh, put it beautifully when she said: "Your gender shouldn't determine whether you get an education". And it shouldn't.

That's what this is all about. Education. Standing together and fighting for these silent, oppressed, uneducated children. Great change can happen in a single generation...let's be that generation. Let's do our bit, let's host a movie night, let's buy tickets, let's go to a movie about educating impoverished girls, let's come together and stand united for these girls. JOIN US.

ALL of the proceeds raised will go towards a Kenyan girl, Rose Mugo, who is in desperate need and want of an education. We believe that channeling every proceed raised from this event, to the direct root of the problem: an impoverished girl who lacks access to an education, will make a remarkable impact on the world. We believe that we have been called for such a time as this.

And what a timely period to stand together for the 66 million uneducated women, with the plight of the 276 Nigerian girls, abducted for seeking out an education, accentuating one of the greatest humanitarian crises facing the modern world.

We have decided to host a movie night broadcasting Girl Rising: "Girls around the world- striving beyond circumstance, pushing past limits. Their dreams, their voices, their remarkable stories- captured in an unforgettable film about strength of the human spirit- and the power of education to change the world".
This extraordinary film, beautifully displays the impact an educated girl can have on the entire world. It will leave you speechless, moved and with no choice but to join us in this fight for education.

It's about advocacy, it's about awareness, it's about enabling these girls to rise, enabling these girls to change the world. To educate a girl, is to educate a nation, and so, all that we ask is....

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