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Ethical Business and Modern Slavery Act Workshop

Ethical Business and Modern Slavery Act Workshop - Has Ended

 13 Feb, 2020 - 13 Feb, 2020
 Thu 3:00pm - Thu 5:30pm
 283 Young Street
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Workshop Reviews: 

"Thank you so much for this morning. It was really helpful to have something we could do immediately as well as an easy to follow list of things you did to produce your Modern Slavery Statement. I found everything really valuable but having the practical, step by step approach made it feel much more achievable." Dan the Man Catering

"I was honoured to be a part of the workshop, It was such an insightful look into how to physically report voluntarily. I will definitely be recommending to anyone who is (or isn’t!) looking to lodge a voluntary report." Ethical Merch Co

Every business, every office and every household has some slavery in it. It is a sad fact in this world that even the tinned tuna we eat has slavery. The great news is we can all do something about it and many businesses are taking a lead by putting a statement on their website to say they oppose slavery of every kind.

This workshop is for you if....... 

> you want your business or office to be recognised as an ethical business that takes a stand for human rights and is against exploitation of people. 

> you want to sell products or services to large corporates who are looking for an ethical supply chain. (especially now that they must do that legally!)

> you want to be on the National Public register that lists ethical businesses who have submitted a Modern Slavery Statement.

We have been in this space since our doors opened. 

The Freedom Hub has experience to share with you because we have been checking our supply chain for risk of slavery and asking our suppliers to sign a Code of Conduct for Human Rights and a Supplier Transparency Agreement for years. We have all the policies in place that we can share for HR, whistle blowing, procurement and risk.

We will show you how to get started - we will make it as easy as possible for you.

The profits from this training will support survivors of slavery in our Survivor School, and by doing this workshop with us you are demonstrating to to stakeholders that you are serious about human rights. 

This is not just about compliance to a law, but about people's lives! We can impact global slavery.

This training is PRACTICAL. Actual practitioners helping you to get started on the day and giving you tools to do more in your own time.

Attend this workshop and we will show you exactly how to .....

  • Begin researching your supply chains and how to map your suppliers
  • Begin to write a modern slavery statement for your website and potentially the National Register.
  • Write your supplier code of conduct and new ways of working with suppliers. 
  • Write your new HR policies and whistleblower policies
  • Leverage the new market opportunities of ethical supply chains
  • Learn to mobilise your team for good

* if you earnestly take steps to work toward transparency, we will add your logo to our website and Ethical Business Network.

Everyone trained will become part of the Freedom Hub Ethical Business Network with regular breakfast, guest speaker, email updates, private FB group and listed on our website.Your logo will go on out website as an ethically trained business* 

We look forward to sharing our experience and knowledge with you.

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 Melissa Fooorganiser
 02 8068 9503

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