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 30 May, 2015 - 30 May, 2015
 Sat 6:30pm - Sat 11:59pm
 515 Bellarine Highway Moolap
  Geelong, VIC
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Full Cost: SingleTicket
$ 55.00
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Guest Speaker: Single Ticket
$ 50.00
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IPBRF Volunteer Single Ticket
$ 45.00
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$ 45.00
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The Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund

'A Touch of Purple'


Carol is the Founder, Manager,

Event Organiser and Volunteer of the IPBRF.




Our inaugural FUNDRAISER GALA event has been

designed to keep alive the spirit of

Ian Parker and to further honour the inaugural Bipolar

Research Fund for Australia - the

Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund (IPBRF).

(Ian Parker was the only sibling to Carol Smit from Colac

and a past resident of Geelong East for nearly 20 years.

Ian was an aspiring Artist and loved to walk,

frequenting the Eastern Beach and Geelong Botanical

Gardens every week and was also a

popular member of the Geelong Mood Support Group

for approximately 15 years. 


On behalf of the IPBRF and the Australian Rotary Health

(ARH) PhD Scholarship Program for Bipolar Research

(Funding Partner of Carol Smit - IPBRF),

Carol has also dedicated this GALA event

in memory of Ian and to celebrate the

'10th Anniversary'

of Ian's passing.

  After 25 years of severe mood swings 

and 106 hospitalisations from the insidious

mental illness of Bipolar Disorder, Ian tragically

succombed to the tragic event of suicide.

  The Gala Event and all event fundraising proceeds are

dedicated toward paying the

(ARH) - (IPBRF) PhD Scholarships

for scholars who wish to dedicate a

career of research into finding the cause

and a cure for Bipolar Disorder.



The chosen venue'Club Italia Geelong' is very well

catered for and suitably designed for 

a relaxed evening of comfortable seating, superb food

and service and guarantees a fabulous night for all! 

We hope to see a FULL HOUSE of great folks coming

together all dressed in Casual Cocktail

with a lovely 'Touch of Purple' to signify our

Bipolar Research Fund logo!



We are have set a goal to sell a minimum of 250 tickets.

Our goal is to DOUBLE to a minimum of 500 tickets;

therefore all support would be most appreciated

toward SHARING this event

with family, friends, work colleagues, social and

sporting clubs and any you feel may benefit from a very

informative night of education, support and awareness

about Bipolar Disorder from Mental Health Guest

Speakers AND enjoy a night of TWO FABULOUS

AUCTIONS, raffles, lucky door prizes and


from Colac, Geelong and Melbourne!


Carol has invited her friend, Civil Celebrant 

and current President and CEO of

Lara Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc.,

Ms. Lorel Robinson to initially MC and introduce

a 'pending' Geelong Councillor (to be soon announced)

to officiate the 'opening' of the IPBRF Gala Event.


 Mayor Darryn Lyons was invited to officiate

the opening cermony but was unfortunately otherwise

committed. We are grateful for his dedication of much

recent 'social media' support in 'sharing' our Gala Event! 


Raymond Walters - Manager of Narana

Indigineous Gallery - Torquay Road Grovedale 

is organising a short indigineous dance for

our 'opening' ceremony. (details soon).

Raymond has also generously offered two of his own

original hand painted indiginous paintings

to submit to our Art Auction!


We are sharing the night with two brilliant MC's and

Entertainers, Mr Roy Maloy from Melbourne

aand Mr. Jamie McGuane from Colac.


Mental Health Guest Speakers:

Prof. Michael Berk - Deakin University

Ms. Emma Gliddon - Deakin University

and inaugural IPBRF PhD scholarship winner.


Guest Speakers:

Ms. Annie Prideaux - Civil Celebrant and 

close friend of the Ian Parker family

ARH CEO - Ms. Joy Gillett OAM

Rotary Club of Colac West - Pres. Graham Snell 


National Ambassador Awards Presented to:

Mr. Roy Maloy - Melbourne  

Ms. Samantha Brunskill - Wagga Wagga NSW

Ms. Kelly Anne Martinez - Cairns



Indigineous Dance Group - (Name to be confirmed)

Mr Roy Maloy - Melbourne

Ms Mez Evans - Melbourne

Mr Jamie McGuane - Colac

Mr Andrew Beale - Ms Eliza Beale - Master Patrick Beale

Marlene's School of Dance



Arrival: from 6.30 pm.

Dinner: 7.00 pm.

Night Ends: 11.45 pm for midnight close.

Menu: 3 Courses - with option of

*Special Dietary Requirements.

*Please stipulate at time of ticket purchase.

Open Bar: Provided at own cost.

Bottomless tea and coffee is inclusive in dinner ticket.


Please R.S.V.P: Tuesday 26th May 2015




$55.00 per person


$45.00 per person

(Holders of HCC ONLY is not considered as a concessional rate)



The IPBRF wishes announced that we have now closed

any further donations of artworks

toward the Art Auction.

We have been overwhelmed by a magnificent

'smorgasbord' of variety of up to full capactiy

of nearly 40 pieces!

The donation deadline date was 31st March 2015

to Carol Smit 

Carol wishes to express her heartfelt gratitude to the

enormous support toward making this Art Auction a very

EXCITING event to look forward to on the 30th May!


Please Note: 

The total postal/shipping cost of each donated Art

Work is the full responsibility of the sender/owner and

the prospective buyer on the night.

All due care will be taken with the handling

of each Art Work.

Any accidental or deliberate damage caused is the

full responsibility of the *owner (*seller or *buyer)

of the Art Work at this time.

Carol Smit - IPBRF - ARH - Geelong Club Italia -

or any other persons are deemed

null and void of any loss or damage to any

Art Work/s in transit or once on the

premises of the Geelong Italia Club.



Door Security will be provided 



Eftpos facilities will be supplied for ease of purchase.

Tax Receipts will be forwarded by ARH where required.



Holidays - Gift Items - Art - Surprises Galore!


Carol wishes to announce we have now received adequate

donated items for the Silent Auction

from very supportive businesses, artists and

The Helping Hand Group Inc. Melbourne

of which we are so very grateful

and wish to say a HUGE 'THANK YOU' to all

who have contributed and for

your very generous and incredible support!

I will do my best to thank each contributor,

supporter, sponsor and helper with an individual

'follow up' letter at the end of this event -

but may find it not possible to reach 

all to personally thank in this way - therefore please

have it known to accept my full appreciation

for your contibution of support in any way

through the platform





Each of the above Auctions will be hosted by the very


friendly and helpful staff of the


'HELPING HAND GROUP' Inc. Melbourne.


We all thank them for their wonderful offer


of professional bro bono support to the


Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund!


............................Carol Smit 





Finally I wish to thank the team of


Amanda and Peter Spink - you have been simply amazing!


So much pro bono sharing of your personal time and 


social media support, emails and phone support given!


I have not even met either of you, but after our phone


chats and so much patience shown and care offered,


I have grown to love you both and sincerely recommend


you to all charities for the best care


and attention to reach the 'dizzy'and busy

'heights' of 'absolute' fantastic fundraising success!




....................................Carol Smit


 Founder - Manager - Volunteer - Event Organiser 

of the Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund 

Funding Partner of ARH PhD Scholarship Program -

Member of Rotary Club of Colac West -

District 9780, Victoria, Australia


All Proceeds are donated to the

Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund













Carol wishes to convey a HUGE 'THANK YOU' to all who

have so generously and willingly contributed

toward this night in any way at all!

Carol could not have organised this

Gala Event without you! :)

I trust you will have a GREAT and MEMORABLE night!


To learn more about IPBRF:


DO Organiser

 Carol Smitorganiser

DO Supports


DO Blog

avatarCarol Smit on Thursday, 29 Jan 2015 2:25pm
The dress code for the above Gala Dinner is 'Casual Cocktail' but we would love to see a 'Touch of Purple' if you would like to add a touch of colour to your 'Black and White' theme in support of our Bipolar Research Fund colour scheme!
avatarCarol Smit on Monday, 12 Jan 2015 2:19am
Carol Smit invites all readers to consider purchasing an online GALA DINNER ticket early, to avoid disappointment of a 'FABULOUS NIGHT OF FUN' and to SUPPORT a VITAL MENTAL HEALTH FUNDRAISING INCENTIVE as we CELEBRATE the 10th 'ANNIVERSARY' YEAR as a 'CELEBRATION' of the beautiful and well-lived life of Ian Parker.
avatarCarol Smit on Monday, 12 Jan 2015 2:07am
MY Story by Carol Smit

Dedicated to Ian Charles Parker 18.12.1954 - 10.08.2005

One week before the fateful tragedy of Ian Parker's passing by suicide of severe bipolar episodes requiring 106 hospitalisations over a 25 year period, Ian walked from his bedroom, tears rolling down his cheeks and quietly uttered these words, 'Carol, there must be a 'purpose' for my suffering over all of these years'

Carol (his sister)took him by both hands and stared directly into his tragically pained and traumatised eyes and replied, 'Ian, I do not know what that purpose is, but I promise you one thing; that together somehow, somewhere we WILL find that 'purpose' I promise you.

Little did I know only one short week only, I would be looking for that 'purpose' alone.

Within two days of Ian's passing and after much personal trauma, Carol now an only child, braced herself with a strength of resilience to march forward and stay strong for her elderly and ailing parents. As Carol walked past a photo of Ian affectionately displayed on her lounge shelf she paused as she pondered this last conversation between Ian and herself discussing their quest to find some sense of 'purpose' for his longsuffering and was instantly given a message to start an 'Ian Parker Bipolar Research Fund'.

The founding of the IPBRF has given 'purpose' and a sense of 'meaning' to Ian's suffering and her mission and goal is to now help in reducing the suffering of those struggling daily with the insidious consequences of the mental illness known as Bipolar Disorder.

To raise funds for research PhD scholarships is the only way forward for research to become a reality for Australia.

Each of these scholarships have a total value of $87K.

Carol was invited by Australian Rotary Health CEO Joy Gillett to become a Funding Partner to raise her required amount of $33K over a three year period. Carol gratefully accepted this amazing offer of 'hope' for a 'window' to open for the eventual possibility of the cause and a cure to be discovered through Bipolar Research.

The University or Institution where the successful Winner is required to contribute a further $33K over three years. The inaugural Winner is based as a PhD Student at Deakin University Geelong, therefore this University has become a Funding Partner for the inaugural ARH - IPBRF PhD Scholarship Program.

ARH contributes a further $21K over a three year period = total of $87K

To this day 11th January 2015, Carol Smit has raised nearly $21K and has until the end of 2015 to raise a further $12K net profit to complete her required amount of $33K.

Hence, the choice of the Gala Event, Art Auction, Silent Auction as a combined fundraising packaged effort to achieve this goal.

Much further funding is required for the many PhD scholarships offered annually to the many PhD Scholarships though the ARH PhD Research Scholarship Program.

Carol's goal is to raise ONE MILLION dollars by end 2017 to see the reality of nearly twelve PhD Scholarships fully paid for in total - the more 'Doctorates' for Bipolar Research within Australia studying the many and difficult complexities of Bipolar Disorder gives more 'hope' to sufferers, their families and care-givers for better quality of life and a cure to be found.

Not all reading this blog may be in a position to attend our fundraising events. Online monetary donations are always welcomed and very much appreciated.

Tax receipts are available upon request when making your donation.

Donations suitable for Raffle Prizes and Lucky Door Prizes are always welcomed by way of Vouchers, Gift Cards or Products.

These may be posted to Carol Smit - IPBRF, P O BOX 534 COLAC VIC. 3250 AUSTRALIA

Many ask 'What is Bipolar Disorder?'

Bipolar is a mental disorder marked by alternating periods of elation and depression.
Bipolar disorder, also known as 'Manic-depression' is a brain disorder that causes irregular and unusual shifts in behaviours, distorts moods and thoughts, energy, and the ability to function. The fatigue, lack of well being and low self esteem is often associated with feelings of guilt in the lower, depressive mood and followed by the feeling of extreme elevation of mood, energy and excitement, delusion and illusion. This is known as the usual 'up' or 'high' spectrum of mood change and this sudden surge of sleeplessness and energy leads to very exhausting cycles of 'lows' and deep depression.
Bipolar Disorder is often referred to as having a 'yo-yo' or 'spiralling' syndrome as one continuously cycles from repeated 'high' and 'low' mood disorders. Bipolar Disorder is very different from the normal 'ups and downs' that everyone goes through. The symptoms of bipolar disorder are severe often giving the feeling of being able to 'conquer all' with the heightened pleasure and exhilaration of strength and false sense of 'wellness', coupled with almost unendurable suffering and unfortunately for many and not infrequently, suicide.
It is has been said that Bipolar Disorder appears to be an illness that is biological in its origins, yet one that feels psychological during the experience of these episodes. Bipolar Disorder has been related to damaged family and partner relationships, poor job ethics and interrupted school performance.
Early recognition and effective early treatment is vital to the future well being of people with bipolar mood symptoms. The positive news is that with effective treatment bipolar disorder can be treated, and people with this illness can lead self satisfying and productive lives.

Links about understanding more about Bipolar Disorder for individuals, families and caregivers and how to get help for this illness are posted below.

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