The Battle Against Ovarian Cancer - This DO has finished

The Battle Against Ovarian Cancer
 22 Feb, 2015 - 22 Feb, 2015
 Sun 12:00am - Sun 12:00pm
 Mains Road
  Mt Gravatt, QLD

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What is The Battle?

The Battle Against Ovarian Cancer is an opportunity for friends, family, community or corporate groups to be part of a unique sporting event and to create lasting memories of a wonderful day out - AND you get to play beach volleyball!  The best part is you don't need to have experience.  Your team could even get a profressional advantage by getting one of our 'Dream Team' members to help you out.  Dream Team members are state and national volleyball experts!

Maybe you’ve been inspired to compete by someone you know, or maybe it's your unrelenting quest for Battle glory (lets face it - it's all about the trophy!). Or perhaps you just want to get together with friends for a great day out. 

The Cause?

Ovarian cancer is a malignancy arising from the ovaries. Normally the ovaries are almond-shaped and sized organs in the female pelvis. They produce the female hormones during the menstrual cycle and eggs that can be fertilised by sperm. Cancer can not only affect the ovaries, but spread to other organs within and outside the female pelvis.

Ovarian cancer is often referred to as the “silent killer” because there are no early warning signs and symptoms aren’t noticeable until the disease is more advanced, involves other organs and is less treatable. Early ovarian cancer symptoms are often vague and are commonly thought to be related to other less serious conditions.

More Information

For more information, to donate or to register for the Battle Against Ovarian Cancer please visit our website or email us at

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 Cherish Foundationorganiser
 07 3646 8522

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Cherish Women’s Cancer Foundation is about cherishing women and cherishing women’s rights to receive the very best possible treatment for gynaecological cancers. Cherish aims to increase awareness of gynaecological cancers and raise funds for research into ongoing improvement in treatments, ensuring each and every woman, in this life and the next, is cherished. For more information on the Cherish Women's Cancer Foundation, visit our website

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