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Wishing Big For The Kids Brisbane Event

Wishing Big For The Kids Brisbane Event - Has Ended

 23 Nov, 2014 - 23 Nov, 2014
 Sun 1:00pm - Sun 4:00pm
 To Be Advised
  Brisbane, QLD
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Fundraising Event for HFF

Join us, Wish Big and Make a Difference for Our Children of the World!!!

Our Wish is to Bring Over 150 participants together and Wish Big in Brisbane and Support the Vision of the Annual HFF Bike Ride Fundraiser for The Herbalife Family Foundation.

Come Play...
The Wish® is the amazing transformational board game, that has been featured regularly by Deepak Chopra & The Chopra Center, as well as sweeping the globe with over 20,000 wishes and fans from over 20 countries having played to achieve their greatest wishes for: financial freedom, true love, their dream job, life purpose, health and wellbeing, peace and happiness.

The secret to The Wish's success is the game's unique ability to help you identify and clear the blocks standing in the way of your wishes and to shift you into the flow of positive thoughts and actions aligned with your wish coming true!

The Best Part about attending a "Wish Event" is that the experience of playing the game creates a sense of community with bonding between the players, relationship building, self and team empowerment, dreaming bigger and believing that you have the power to make your "wish" come True! 

People walk away with Vision, Belief and Ready to Take Action to Make their Wish/Goals/Dreams a Reality!! 

Full Proceeds less any venue hire and light refreshments costs go directly to The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF)

The Herbalife Family Foundation (HFF) is committed to improving the lives of children around the world by supporting charitable organizations that provide one of life's most basic necessities, good
The flagship Casa Herbalife Program provides over $2.3 million in funding and volunteer assistance each year to more than 100 organizations worldwide. These funds bring nutrition to more than 121,000 children in over 50 countries on a daily basis.
Here in Australia we have 2 Casa Herbalife Programs, one supporting The Infants Home in Sydney who make a difference in the lives of vulrnerable children and families and the other supporting The Lighthouse Foundation in Victoria. The Lighthouse Foundation supports homeless young people to take their rightful place in the community by giving them a home, a family and therapeutic care that is proven to work. Through their Lighthouse experience, the young people heal, learn again to relate to others and rebuild their lives.

Please share this event, join us in wishing big in your own life, wishing big to help the children and make a BIG Difference in the World!! The Children are our Future.....
Venue to be Advised
Entry $50 per person


DO Organiser

 HFF Fundraiserorganiser
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DO Supports

Theresa Fitzgerald, Rosemary O'Brien and Corinne Duggan-Moor We invite you to be a valuable player in this lifechanging event for you and the children... Theresa, Rosemary and Corinne are Independant Herbalife Distributors who have a background as International Wish Teacher's and feel passionate about supporting the Herbalife Family Foundation who a making a Difference in the lives of over 121,000 children in more than 50 countries. We are extremely happy to share this amazing event to help participants gain clearer vision, belief, self empowerment, confidence and inspired action to achieve their deepest wishes at the same time as raising funds for the children and have a better life through the support of the Herbalife Family Foundation. We have a vision of raising $45,000 and hope you can join us or donate. With Deep Heartfelt Gratitude and Best Wishes Theresa, Rosemary and Corinne

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