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Empower Permaculture Workshop
 11 Oct, 2014 - 12 Oct, 2014
 Sat 9:00am - Sun 5:00pm
 31 Darling St
  Abbotsbury, NSW

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Prepare to earn your “green thumb” and take your first steps into the world of organic gardening and permaculture!

Empower Permaculture Workshop is an event running over two days designed for beginners to gain the knowledge and skills to grow and maintain the organic gardens they have always wanted.

This workshop will be hosted by Dan Hatfield (food gardener, educator and Permaculturist) and sponsored by Empower Inc, a Sydney-based non-for-profit organisation who enables rural communities to overcome systemic poverty by achieving a vision for self-reliance.

This is a social enterprise project and as such all our proceeds from these workshops go towards funding our community projects. So you will be empowering yourself AND rural communities in these countries at the same time!


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