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RSPCA South Australia Cupcake Day
 18 Aug, 2014 - 18 Aug, 2014
 Mon 10:30am - Mon 12:00pm
  -, SA

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Cupcake Day for the RSPCA is a national event held on the third Monday in August. All proceeds go to your state-based RSPCA to help continue the fight to make animal cruelty a thing of the past.

It’s free to register, simple to participate and fun to do!

The idea is that you become a mini event planner for the RSPCA. You register on our website and we send you the official RSPCA Cupcake Day Host Kit that includes everything you need to help promote your event. All you supply are the cupcakes, the venue and lots of hungry friends and workmates who will hopefully donate everything in their pockets to help out the pups and kittens, rabbits, horses, birds, sheep, guinea pigs – you name it, we save it!

RSPCA does not run any Cupcake Days (although most shelters bake and sell on the day). The events are run by you and other wonderful Cupcake Hosts at your workplaces, homes, schools and community centres. Many businesses get behind it too so you might be confronted by a plate of cupcakes at your local vet or bank – if you’re lucky!

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