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Health. Wealth. Evolution.

Health. Wealth. Evolution. - Has Ended

 11 Aug, 2021 - 11 Aug, 2021
 Wed 11:00am - Wed 2:00pm
 10 Bains Road
  Currumbin Valley, QLD
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Kirsty Greenshields, co-founder of Emergent Leaders Foundation comes together with friends, Meghan Kurts-Forrester, founder of EVOHE and Miriam Ter Borg, founder of Sol Cleanse.


Celebrate! Join us at the beautiful Sol Gardens, in Currumbin Valley. Spend time in the rainforest, by the creek, connecting to nature, to yourself and to fellow humans.

We’ll come together to set intentions, heal with the sounds of nature, and create a vision for the children’s future.


Be nourished with delicious, food prepared by Pacha Yumma Gold Coast. Prepared with love, spray-free and organic ingredients from local farms. You will feel cherished and nurtured.

You’ll be inspired by the conversation shared between your hosts (more info about each of them below).You'll discover quickly that when these three women get together in conversation, Shit Gets Real!!!

Your cup will be filled when you join us at Sol Gardens. Your senses will be stimulated. Your Mind will be challenged, Your Body nourished, and Your Soul will feel Love. You will leave feeling connected, whole and satisfied with the value of the contribution you provide to the world.

Net proceeds for this event will be donated to Emergent Leaders Foundation and the Young Warrior Leadership Project – Strong Children. Strong Families. Harmonious Communities.


Kirsty, Meghan and Miriam have had all so much self-doubt over the years, wondering how they’ll continue to build and sustain a business whilst balancing it with all in their lives, especially their children. Despite that, they have all built successful businesses, which are not only based on what they love, but also sustain their way of living (especially their ability to spend time with those most important to them).


Kirsty co-founded Emergent Leaders Foundation, an Australian harm prevention charity that believes every problem on the globe can be solved at a community level within a global context. Activities of the foundation are dedicated to helping individuals and families to reconnect and build sustainable, harmonic, thriving communities everywhere. As a naturopath and wellbeing mentor / coach she never really thought she had what it takes to be the driver of a national charity, and an author, whilst home schooling her two daughters, now teenagers.


Meghan founded EVOHE, an Australian skin care company that is changing the narrative of the beauty industry. She’s also authored two books, the second titled, “When Shit Gets Real”. And she’s done all this whilst sole-parenting her young son, who lost his father in early 2020. Meg’s story of creation is truly inspiring, and her dedication to her passion will have you believing anything is possible.


Miriam co-founded Sol Cleanse, south-east Queensland’s most well-known juice cleanse company, and expanding nationally. Over the last nine years Sol Cleanse has gone from strength to strength, as Miriam has grown through the trials and tribulations of business, early motherhood and challenges in her personal life. By traversing the deep inner work stirred up by life’s challenges, Miriam has been able to come to a place of harmony, flow and joy … and subsequently abundance.

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