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007 Murder Mystery : Charity Fund Raiser

007 Murder Mystery : Charity Fund Raiser - Has Ended

 31 Jul, 2021 - 31 Jul, 2021
 Sat 6:30pm - Sat 11:30pm
 198 Collier Road
  Bayswater, WA
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DO Details

The place is central London, the time September 5th 1966. The door of Tiffany’s Nightclub Café opens spilling the hubbub of conversation and the disco beat music out onto the cold misty street A tall blonde steps out of the doorway. The door closes and the street is silent once more. She pauses to adjust the collar on her Mary Quant PVC raincoat. Big Ben strikes three in the distance as she takes a final draw on her fuchsia coloured ‘cocktail’ cigarette. She discards the gold-rimmed stub and crushes it beneath the sole of her thigh length boot.

The yellow light from a nearby street lamp plays on her long blonde hair as she crosses the road. A car backfires in the distance. Suddenly she gasps for air, staggers and crashes down onto the cold wet cobblestones. She is dead…!

The Scene

It is now several hours later and you have been assembled here together with our suspects in the nearby private clinic annexed to St Rudolph’s Hospital. This building is a front for the MI5. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to work as a team and find out:

• Who was the victim?

• Who Killed her?

• How And why?

Tickets include:

Drinks, Food, Entertainment and Contribution to Racing for MNDi

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 Bayswater & Beyond Chamber of Commerceorganiser

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