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How do I stay open for business during this crisis & beyond?

How do I stay open for business during this crisis & beyond? - Has Ended

 11 May, 2020 - 22 May, 2020
 Mon 9:30am - Fri 10:30am
 Online Event via Zoom
  Melbourne, VIC
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During this crisis most businesses realise they don't have a covid-19 health problem, they have a sales and revenue problem that will impact on their ability to make a positive social impact. Smart leaders know they need to act now to adapt and be ready to do business in whatever form it takes moving forward. But how?

To make sure that you don’t miss any opportunities during this crisis, Sue Barrett, CEO of Barrett Consulting and the Selling Better Movement, and Moral Fairground have created a remote learning experience that aims to give you fresh thinking and strategies that work for a 21st century workplace that is now Business as Unusual across 4 key sessions:   

Selling Ethically. Selling Sustainably.
You know ethics, integrity and social impact are core to your business but you also know you need to remain economically viable to keep on operating and succeeding during the current hardship. How can you embrace the power of ethical selling practices and systems to run an economically viable and sustainable business for all the right reasons? What is good selling? What skills do you need to have? Why are selling skills life skills? What’s the Selling Better Ethos and how can it make a difference to your business?

  1. What do I need to do now to stay in business?
    While we know that crises bring many challenges, they also bring opportunities. New opportunities, new channels and new markets emerge, new ways of doing business open up, new customers become available, and we need to be ready to adapt quickly to realise those opportunities. Where to start? Do you need to reposition your business? How do you open up new channels, new markets? Should you go online? We will look into the Supply Chain of Supply Chains for the hidden sales opportunities.
  2. Getting noticed in a sea of competition
  3. Why should we choose you? That’s the $64M question we need to answer for our customers and prospects. In a sea of competition you need to stand out, but not necessarily to everyone. Define your target market, refine or define your value proposition, look to retain your existing clients and learn the vital lessons of visibility management and natural self-promotion and how to avoid the huge cost of hesitation.
  5. Building a Data Base & the Power of Prospecting
    It doesn’t matter whether you are a for-profit business, a not-for-profit or a social enterprise, we all need customers, clients, members or patrons. This means building a viable data base of customers, contact, leads, etc. This also means you need to know how to contact that data base to ignite interest and create opportunity. In a nutshell, you need to know how to prospect. Without this vital capability no business can survive. You also need to know how to sell remotely if you’re in physical isolation. 
  7. Remember, everybody lives by selling something. 
  1. Program details:
  • 4 live webinars in which we work through and build a go-to-market action plan to deal with this crisis and have a positive social impact
  • Sales Essentials Online Crisis Toolbox and Training Program provides additional insights, tools and tasks to work on your sales strategy, market analysis, leadership challenges, selling remotely, customer communication, mindset and other topics relevant during this crisis

Date: 4 x 1 hour live webinars scheduled each Monday and Friday over 2 weeks: 11th / 15th / 18th / 22nd May 2020
Time: 9:30AM – 10:30AM each live session
The online program can be accessed 24/7 for 8 weeks, via computer laptop, tablet or smartphone once you have received your link post registration.

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