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The Staging Post - Fundraiser for Canberra Walk For Refugees

The Staging Post - Fundraiser for Canberra Walk For Refugees - Has Ended

 25 Oct, 2019 - 25 Oct, 2019
 Fri 7:00pm - Fri 9:00pm
 170 Flinders Street
  Adelaide, SA
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On Saturday 19 October, there is a screening of the special movie The Staging Post, at Bethlehem Lutheran Church, 170 Flinders St, Adelaide. The movie will actually be in the church hall, opposite the main church in Sudholz place.

This movie will be a fundraiser for the Canberra Walk For Refugees ( We fight for the rights of people seeking safety who are being held in detention both in Australia and offshore, as well as people in the community who are waiting for the outcome of their protection visa applications. In some cases, they have been waiting more than ten years. In our fight. we maintain a completely non-political based solely on human rights and the fair and just treatment of all people everywhere whatever their creed or race.


More information about what we are fighting for can be found om our Facebook Page. To sum up, however, we are fighting for the fair and just treatment of all people in detention whether offshore and onshore. Refugees who are legitimate are in their seventh year of detention on Manus and Nauru, while within Australia average detention times have blown out. Detention should only be as a last resort where necessary to complete identity checks and any necessary medical checks.

This movie is a documentary about the Cisarua Hazara refugee community and the school they established near Jakarta, Indonesia. It is a positive and heart-warming tale of overcoming adversity and how a community can come together to support one another.

The movie will be followed by a Q.& A and a skype call with the managers of the school. There will also be a surprise - a screening of a short 20 minute documentary made by another refugee who has been the victim of forced human trafficking and kidnapped from refugee camps more than once and sold into slavery.

The movie night will finish by 9.00 PM. You can book online but tickets will be available at the door. This is a fundraiser for Canberra Walk For Refugees and the entry is $15 for adults and $7.50 for children. We do have deductible gift recipient status with the ATO. Therefore, I can issue receipts.

The Staging Post tells the story of Muzafar and Khadim, two Afghan Hazara’s seeking safety from cultural and ethnic persecution in Afghanistan. They came to Indonesia on the way to Australia and were part of the refugee community at Cisarua, Indonesia. Realising that due to changes in the Australian Government's policy, that they could be facing an extended stay in Indonesia, they decided to do something to create a community in which they can live and support one another. It is now feasible that many refugees can wait 20 years or more in Indonesia for settlement.

Therefore, they built an interdependent community using one another’s skills. They realised that they had doctors, nurses, carpenters and all sorts of skills – pretty well all the skills they needed – within their community. They started a school and changed the UN's policy, inspiring a refugee education revolution along the way.

Please note, however, that this is not a political film. It is a film about friendship and connections and the power of a community to bring people together and change their lives. It does prove false the stereotypes that Muslim people don’t integrate or adapt to the communities they live in. Likewise, you will see that they are not lazy and don't want to sit around on welfare.

The money raised will go to the Canberra Walk for Refugees to cover expenses on the Melbourne to Canberra walk (see and the Brisbane to Canberra Walk ( The Melbourne walk leaves on 23 October and the Brisbane walk leaves later this year on 27 December. Half of the money raised at this movie night will also go to assist the refugee school, that the movie is about.

See you in time for a 5 PM start at the Ukrainian Community Centre, Hindmarsh, Saturday 19 October.

For more information on where the money fundraised by Canberra Walk for Refugees goes, you can check our fundraiser out at

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Canberra Walk For Refugees started in 2017 when Adelaide lawyer Adam Richards walked from Adelaide to Canberra with his then 13 year old son Ned Thorn, to protest the treatment of refugees in our offshore detention facilities on Manus Island and Nauru.Since then, we have done a walk every year. This year we are doing two 1. Melbourne to Canberra will leave on 23 October and 2. Brisbane to Canberra will leave on 27 December. After each walk there will be a national rally and march to Parliament house.This years rally will be on 1 December 2019. Please see our Facebook page If you want to make a donation at any time, you can do so via www.chuffed/project/canberrawalkforrefugees. 

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