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KiP Home Cooked Goodness Holiday Program at OTAO Kitchen!

KiP Home Cooked Goodness Holiday Program at OTAO Kitchen! - Has Ended

 8 Jul, 2019 - 8 Jul, 2019
 Mon 9:30am - Mon 1:00pm
 360 Victoria Street
  Richmond, VIC
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Come and cook for a cause! KiP's Home Cooked Goodness School Holiday Program is back these holidays with the  OTAO Cooking School.

Under the guidance of one of OTAO’s qualified chef’s, you will learn to cook seasonal dishes (sample menu below). These meals will then be donated to people in need. But don’t worry, you will be able to sample the food you prepare, and a light lunch is also included.

These classes are designed so that you can have a fun, hands-on cooking experience while exploring the gift of giving homemade meals to those in need. 


  • Grow emapthy and  inspire change

  • Lifelong benefits of learning to cook - you may create a future home chef!

  • Help facilitate meals to those in need

On the Day:

  • KiP introduction and welcome

  • Chef demonstration followed by everyone preparing dishes on set menu

  • Participants will cook meals

  • Clean-up and packaging of meals for delivery

  • Taste testing and light lunch

The cooking lessons will run for two half days each school holidays (both days will prepare the same menu) as part of our Made with Love program.

This event is suitable for 10+ years of age.

$65 per person (plus processing fee), to cover the cost of chef, venue, ingredients and admin. Please note, this is a drop off event, but adults, you are more than welcome to purchase a ticket too!

Please bring your own apron and drink bottle and be sure to wear closed toe shoes.

Places are limited so book in quick!

We look forward to seeing you there.

The KiP and OTAO Team 

July Winter Menu

Samosa vegetables (V)

Butter chicken and rice 

& Potato and Mushroom(V)

Date & Chocolate Balls

Chicken Glass Noodle Salad 

Pad Thai Vegetarian (V)

Thai Sweet Rice + Coconut

September Spring Menu

Beef Vindaloo 

Sweet potato curry (V)

Festive Rice

Coconut Ladoo

Spicy Chickpea, and Tomato Soup (V)

Thai Pork Larb with roasted rice

Thai Jelly and Coconut 

December Christmas Menu

 Individual Turkey Pies 

Vegetable Pies (V)

Thai Salmon Cakes 

Mini minced pies

January Menu - Celebrate Lunar New Year

Chicken Wontons

Steamed Vegetarian dumplings

Sweet dumplings to taste

Chinese Noodles with Sweet and Sour Vegetables 

Fried Pork and Cabbages Dumplings

Chinese Sweet Spring rolls - Nian Gao

DO Organiser

 Kids In Philanthropyorganiser

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Kids In Philanthropy. Purpose of Kids In Philanthropy There are two primary reasons for the establishment of KIP: 1. To grow the culture of giving and philanthropy in Australia by engaging children in meaningful opportunities to learn, grow, develop leadership and harness their giving power. 2. To address the significant disadvantage in many Sydney communities, that continues to result in increasingly negative outcomes for families, and children in particular. A comprehensive study conducted by Queensland Institute of Technology’s Centre for Philanthropy and Non‐Profit Studies in 2008, titled: “Good Times and Philanthropy: Giving by Australia’s Most Affluent” revealed that Australia’s wealthy continue to give comparatively less than their US and UK counterparts, despite the increasing wealth and prosperity gains over the last several years. Australia essentially lags in its propensity to give. Australia’s not for profit sector is of considerable size and contribution. The ‘economically significant’ not for profit organisations contributed just under $43 billion to GDP in 2006/07 and employed just under 900,000 staff*. The sector relies heavily on the philanthropic contributions of Australian donors. The very social fabric of our society relies on the growth of philanthropic contribution, a giving culture that is robust, and embedded into the values of children passed on through their families and formal education. Growing the culture of giving in Australia to the degree that is required, necessitates our children being given the opportunity to foster their own practices of giving ‐ guided by inspiring role models and encouraged by parents and family. · Australian Government Productivity Commission, “Contribution of the Not For Profit Sector: Productivity Commission Research Report, January 2010” pg. xxvi Despite Sydney being generally perceived as a safe and comfortable city with a high standard of living, this is not the case for many people. Kids In Philanthropy notes that in Australia, 14.7% of children are living in poverty. UNICEF's report on child poverty in OECD countries revealed that Australia had the 14th highest child poverty rate, which falls in the middle of international ratings. The overall Australian population poverty rate (as per the 2006 census) was estimated to be 2.84 Million. More specifically we know this about our own city ‐ Sydney (source: Sydney Community Foundation) ‐ the Federal Government has identified 48 suburbs of highly concentrated socioeconomic disadvantage in Sydney, characterised by: • 85% of residents live with the impact of mental illness, either their own, or a family member or friend • 82% of migrants from Haiti, 71% from Rwanda and 53% from Afghanistan have a weekly personal income of less than $250 • 35% of indigenous high school students are below minimal literacy standards • 44% of all homeless people in Sydney are women (there are 46,000 homeless women in Australia) The activities of KIP can be divided into three clear areas: 1. Growing the Fund’s social investor base and delivering both personal and leadership development opportunities to investors (children and their families); and 2. Providing funding to community groups/organisations to deliver agreed programs to create positive social change for children in disadvantaged communities; and 3. Monitoring, evaluation and research. Kids In Philanthropy, together with the Sydney Community Foundation is committed to ongoing measurement and evaluation of the economic, social and individual impact of it’s programs.

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