Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour - Melbourne - This DO has finished

Sea Shepherd Ocean Defence Tour - Melbourne
 1 Sep, 2018 - 1 Sep, 2018
 Sat 12:00pm - Sat 5:00pm
 Chapel Street
  Saint Kilda, VIC

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The Ocean Defence Tour returns to Melbourne this September for the premiere and official launch of Sea Shepherd's brand new feature film: Defend, Conserve, Protect.

The afternoon will feature special guest speakers: 

Peter Hammarstedt, Captain of the M/Y Bob Barker

Jeff Hansen, Managing Director Sea Shepherd Australia

Q & A panel with the film's director and producer Stephen Amis and Sea Shepherd Crew Members

Official Sea Shepherd merchandise for sale + your chance to win some great prizes in our raffle and auction.

Defend, Conserve, Protect: Synopsis:

The most critical time in human history is now. We are at war with each other trying to protect and conserve the natural resources of the planet or consume them at a greater rate.

The battle ground is Antarctica.

Set far from the eyes of the world in the most inhospitable environment on the planet, two opposing views fight for control. Neither is willing to back down. On one side, the so-called Japanese research fleet is openly commercially harvesting thousands of whales in the only international whale sanctuary in the world. On the other, the Sea Shepherd, a volunteer guerrilla navy funded by the citizens of the world. 

Defend - Conserve - Protect unfolds as three very distinct annual migrations take place in the cold and furious Southern Ocean; the illegal Japanese Commercial Whaling Fleet; the Sea Shepherd Anti-Whaling Fleet; and the whales. 

Despite the three vastly different reasons for undertaking these journeys, all are inexplicably entwined and can no longer be separated. 

This is the story of each group of travellers and how they come to battle for survival in the freezing waters of the Antarctic and what the future holds for each of them. 

Defend - Conserve - Protect is seen through the eyes of a young photographer, Tamsin, who makes up part of the Sea Shepherd crew. Her journey is one of exploration and knowledge to document the truth behind the brutal slaying of the majestic whale community and the history of global whale hunting. This is a journey where she will risk her life with two older Sea Shepherd crew members in her quest to reveal the truth. At the helm of the Sea Shepherd is Captain Peter Hammarstedt. He carries with him the resolve of Melville’s Captain Ahab, only Hammarstedt hunts the whaling ship not the whales. 

In the deadly ice flows of the Southern Seas these three forces will meet in a mighty clash. In this conflict, the whales will try and save our humanity, the Sea Shepherd will try and save the whales and the Whaling fleet try to save a misguided national pride.

Agendas aside, Defend - Conserve - Protect is truly a battle for life and death

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