How average people can take on a multi-billionaire - and win. - This DO has finished

How average people can take on a multi-billionaire - and win.
 5 Jul, 2018 - 5 Jul, 2018
 Thu 6:00pm - Thu 8:00pm
 280 Pitt Street
  Sydney, NSW

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How to stop Adani

When multi-billionaire, Gautam Adani, decided he wanted to build one of largest coal mines in the world in Queensland, very little stood in his way. The then Queensland Labour Government and the Federal Liberal Government not only rubber-stamped it but offered Adani taxpayer-funded loans and subsidies. The local communities wanted the jobs that Adani dangled.

The only thing that stood in his way? The rest of us.

In less than 5 years, everyday Australians managed to get all the major banks to refuse financing for Adani, to get the Federal Government to back down on its $1B free loan, and to frustrate and delay the project to the point that they may make it unviable.

How did everyday Australians take on a billionaire with infinitely deep pockets?

Come and hear Glen Klatovsky Deputy CEO. Campaign strategist at, Lilli Barto Frontline Action on Coal organiser and founding member of the Activist Legal Network, and Ben Davies, Head of Community at who’ll share their insights on how protest, community organising and online fundraising come together to #StopAdani.

Why should you come?

  • Learn about the different ways to make advocacy work and why you need the mix of protest, community organising and political pressure to make change

  • Learn about the different way you can use your skills to Stop Adani. Everyone from lawyers, fundraisers and marketers have a role to play. It’s not just up to the protestors

  • Learn about the tricks to fundraising online for advocacy work and what’s worked across 100s of advocacy campaigns on

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