Steinway & Sons Fundraising Campaign #steinwaydream - This DO has finished

Steinway & Sons Fundraising Campaign #steinwaydream
 1 Dec, 2018 - 1 Dec, 2018
 Sat 9:30am - Sat 12:30pm
 45 Chandos Street
  Sydney, NSW

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“I have always dreamed to play on the best piano in the world...”

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This is why I am fundraising to buy a Model D Steinway & Sons concert grand piano. It is also the instrument of choice for over 90% of concert halls worldwide. This is the actual piano I would love to be able to practice on. I have found the perfect piano, and have put down a deposit, so need to fundraise for the remaining amount. ($250,000)

Steinway & Sons pianos are very special instruments and there are so many emotions I feel when I think about what it would be like to play and practice on a Steinway piano every single day of my life. I believe it will take me to the next level of artistry and it would really enable me to achieve my dreams and take my career to the next level.

Much like a Stradivarius for a violinist … It’s about finding my voice. It is about finding the means of expressing myself in ways I never thought possible.

Through GoFundMe I would love you to donate towards buying a key or several keys to help me realise my dream of owning this stunning instrument. Your help will truly be life changing to me.

Thank you so much for your support!

The aim is to raise the funds by 1st December 2018. Donate Today here:

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