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Possum Palooza
 7 Mar, 2018 - 7 Mar, 2018
 Wed 5:30pm - Wed 8:00pm
 Dudley Street
  West Melbourne, VIC

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Every week, more forest is felled, and critically endangered species like the Leadbeater's Possum slide towards extinction. Your support can help to bring logging back under federal environmental laws, and transform the fate of our forests and wildlife.


Join Friends of Leadbeater's Possum and Environmental Justice Australia for an evening to raise funds to defend our forests and wildlife. 


Friends of Leadbeater's Possum, represented by Environmental Justice Australia, are fighting a landmark case to test the legality of the native forest logging exemption from federal environment laws. The outcome could bring the logging industry back within reach of Federal law and mark a shift in the era of short-sighted logging that has pushed so many species to the brink.


We need your support to keep taking cases like this to court, and to push our governments to enact better, stronger environmental laws. It's a big job, and we need the support of a big community.


Book now for Possum Palooza, a fundraiser that brings together live music, a silent auction and passionate words from eminent ecologist, Professor David Lindenmayer, EJA Senior Lawyer, Danya Jacobs and environmentalist Maggie Riddington


When: 5.30-8pm, Wednesday 7 March

Where: City of Melbourne Bowls Club


  • Professor David Lindenmayer, Australian National University
  • Danya Jacobs, Senior Lawyer at Environmental Justice Australia
  • Maggie Riddington, Environmentalist


  • Silent auction by Friends of Leadbeater's Possum
  • Live music by The Legless Lizards
  • Food by ASRC Catering and drinks for purchase at the bar


We have a once in a generation opportunity to transform the future for our forests and wildlife. Let's do it.

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 Friends of Leadbeaters Possum & Environmental Justorganiser

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Environmental Justice Australia is nature’s legal team. We use our technical expertise and practical understanding of the legal system to protect nature and defend the rights of communities to a healthy environment.   Friends of Leadbeater’s Possum Inc. is volunteer organisation working to help Leadbeater’s survive in the wild by developing public awareness, conservation efforts, research programs and effective conservation strategies and policies.

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