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The Art of Great Storytelling: Using Great Storytelling to Engage Volunteers & Business Partners
 5 Jul, 2018 - 5 Jul, 2018
 Thu 9:30am - Thu 12:30pm
  The Rocks, NSW

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The Art of Great Storytelling: Using great Storytelling to engage volunteers and business partners

Great storytellers have enormous success in business and in life. Whether it be storytelling to attract volunteers, keep volunteers engaged about why they do the work they do or present to potential corporate partners, schools or other organisations, good stories grab interest, ensure people remember and most importantly are a call to action.

In this session Michael Stoddart who is a business coach, consultant, presenter and great story teller, will take you through the way to structure a truly effective story, the psychology behind a good story and why it works and show you examples of how truly great stories have the same common structure and elements, that you too can use to create compelling stories for your business.

Your organisation has truly wonderful stories of people that have come to you and your volunteers to get help, gain support and advice or just get a hand up in life to get back on their feet and on their way. Let’s talk about those stories and develop them further to ensure others can hear the true reasons that your organisation is such an important part of our community.

 About our presenter, Michael Stoddart

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Michael Stoddart is a dynamic presenter and public speaker, trainer and coach dedicating his business Aumento, to the care and wellbeing of those who care for others.  Michael set up the business to focus on an area of the insurance, rehabilitation and not for profit sector he feels has been sadly overlooked for too long – the people who care for people when they are at their most challenged.  Ours case workers, injury management advisors, claim officers, team leaders and rehabilitation professionals have a tough job and we all need to make sure that they are ok, so they can provide the service and clientaumento engagement that is required to get people back to life and then back to work. 


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