Advocacy for Inclusion Self-advocacy Group - This DO has finished

Advocacy for Inclusion Self-advocacy Group
 2 Jan, 2018 - 2 Jan, 2018
 Tue 1:00pm - Tue 2:00pm
 Room 1, level 1
  Canberra City, ACT

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Our Self-advocacy programs are open to people with disabilities living in and around Canberra. Self-advocacy is about having the skills and confidence to be able to speak up for yourself about issues that influence your life.

Sometimes you might need support to learn these skills and to have the confidence to speak up.

Self-advocacy enables you to:

  • Learn about individual rights and responsibilities
  • Take responsibility for asserting your rights
  • Recognise the importance of responsible decision making
  • Know what the consequences of your actions will be
  • Express your feelings
  • Make informed decisions
  • Do things independently
  • Have goals and dreams, and achieve them
  • Feel good about yourself

Self-advocacy is about having the knowledge and confidence to make the best decisions about your life.

This is a group for people with disabilities. If you are interested to know how to support self-advocacy please email trainign@advocacyforinclusion to ask about the courses we offer

DO Organiser

 Advocacy for Inclusionorganiser

DO Supports

Advocacy for Inclusion provides independent individual, self and systemic advocacy for people with disabilities. Advocacy for Inclusion is a Disabled Peoples Organisation which means our board, members and staff are a majority of people with disabilities. We represent Canberra’s most marginalised and isolated people with disabilities, those with cognitive disabilities and/or significant communication barriers. We work within a human rights framework and acknowledge the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Advocacy for Inclusion is signed onto the ACT Human Rights Act.

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