Quiz Night raising funds for delivery of water and sanitation to village in Timor Leste - This DO has finished

Quiz Night raising funds for delivery of water and sanitation to village in Timor Leste
 3 Nov, 2017 - 3 Nov, 2017
 Fri 6:30pm - Fri 10:30pm
 Cnr South Tce and Sandgate Street
  Perth, WA

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Timor Leste Vision (TLV) is a voluntary, not-for-profit, registered charity based in Perth. TLV have been working in partnership with the people of Timor Leste (Timor) for the past 10 years to deliver community-based projects to alleviate poverty, distress and disadvantage. TLV’s Charter and business model ensures all projects directly reflect the changing needs and wishes of Timor communities. 

Timor is one of Australia’s closest neighbours but also one of the most poverty-stricken nations in the world. 300,000 people in Timor have no access to safe water and approximately 700,000 have no access to adequate sanitation, resulting in the death of 100 children every year. Lack of adequate sanitation facilities at schools is known to be a major deterrent for girls attendance. To address this urgent need, TLV’s focus is on delivering community water and sanitation projects in remote Timor communities.

The water project we are raising funds for is in Rialeco, a village situated in the District of Ainaro and is one of many isolated villages. The village does not have access to fresh and portable water, which causes issues for elderly, young, sick, injured and the community as a whole. The closest water source is approximately an hour to walk there and an hour to return. There are 60 families in Rialeco, which consist of 420 community members (310 adults and 110 children).

The project was identified when members of the broader community in the District of Ainaro contacted us and outlined what was needed in the District. Members of our team in Timor met with representatives from the District to discuss which village had the highest priority and most urgent need.  TLV will work with the community to design, construct and deliver the required infrastructure. The Rialeco community will be involved throughout the project’s design and implementation and representatives will also be trained to maintain the water supply once construction has been completed.

Long-term sustainability is a primary principle of all TLV’s projects. We are committed to working in partnership with the Rialeco community to complete the project and develop a strategy for the long-term maintenance of the water system, as well as providing education regarding the importance of hygiene.

TLV’s success relies on a dedicated multidisciplinary team of volunteers who have a proven track record delivering capital projects in Timor safely, on time, on budget and to specification. We invite you to view our projects and other successes via our website at  

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Timor Leste Vision (TLV) is a registered Charity.

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