Friday, 17 March 2017 13:28

Apr 30 - Guanaba Charity Day Event For Sailability Gold Coast

Annually, we select a children's charity located on the Gold Coast to raise funds towards specific needs they may have. This year we are fundraising for Sailability Gold Coast. This is a worldwide organisation but is operated independently in each location and country. The principal purpose of this organisation is to facilitate sailing and boating, in all forms, for people with disabilities.

Sailability is a recognised charity and receives NO Government funding and rely totally on local residents, corporate entities, schools and other charieits to fund their activities. That is where we come along, we fundraise all year and finish up with one special charity day event. This day sees most of our money raised and is supported by other music clubs that come along and entertain us for about an hour each club. 

We also receive support from some of our local businesses that donate prizes for our BIG MULTI-RAFFLE. Without the support of these businesses our fund-raising would be a lot harder and we would have less money for our chosen charity to spend on the items needed. GUANABA SOUTH COAST COUNTRY MUSIC CLUB Inc.


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