Thursday, 03 November 2016 13:27

Dec 10-11 Gingerbread Demolition 2016 Fundraiser for Save the Children Australia - Melbourne

Once upon a time, there was a party. It was December, and a sugar-dusted, lovingly decorated gingerbread house was sitting innocently on the table.

Until someone smashed it.

And it became something of a tradition... After getting bigger each year, the little house party has grown up to be to a not-to-be-missed, ginger-licking-good event to raise funds for Save the Children Australia. 

In 2016, on December 10-11 join us once again in Melbourne for more festive fun than you can cram into Santa's stocking, great food and drink, and the chance to unleash your inner Van Damme on an unsuspecting piece of confectionery. Fundraise for Save the Children Australia!

Eat sugar. Smash stuff. Be happy.


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