Tuesday, 21 June 2016 17:09

July 30 Cancer Support WA Pyjama Party - Perth

Pyjamas aren't just for sleeping...

Leave the sequins and stilettos at home! No need for a Tux or Tie! Grab your PJs and slippers and join us for the ultimate.

When you are feeling unwell, there are days when it feels quite comfortable to stay in your jammies all day.

This event acknowledges that people with cancer often have these days especially when they undergoing treatment, however for many of us this would be quite decadent.

So to raise funds and awareness of Cancer Support WA and the amazing work they do we are asking people to swap their tux & ball gowns for pj's or a onesie, slippers instead of formal shoes, dressing gown instead of a jacket.

This does not mean your experience will be anything less than Gala ball amazing! You will just be a lot more comfortable.

Your attendance will help Cancer Support WA provide more services to cancer sufferers such as our 24hr Cancer Support Phone Line, Support Groups and Cancer Counselling.

So come along and enjoy a fabulous night out.

Includes 3 x course meal, drinks and entertainment.

Single bed tables up to 10 people
Double bed tables 12-16 people

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