Monday, 09 May 2016 10:50

June 24 Support A Little Further Homeward Bound Fundraiser in Canberra

A Little Further is a fundraising event which aims to build a strong community of empowered young women who are confident to follow their dreams -

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The event has been brought together by three local women: Ruth O'Brien, singer and songwriter, and Cristina Venables and Claire Hindle, two of 80 scientists who have been chosen to participate in Homeward Bound.

Homeward Bound is an international leadership initiative that is taking women scientists from around the world to Antarctica, with a focus on climate, biological, and earth system research.

The event aims to raise money to support Cristina and Claire to participate in the Homeward Bound Antarctica Program, which has a 10-year goal to engage 1,000 women who will work to promote gender equality in leadership positions in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 

The night will also be an official preview of Ruth O'Brien's debut EP, A Little Further.

Dinner and drinks will be accompanied by captivating presentations, a comedy routine, musical performances and a silent auction. There will also be space for community organisations who provide services and opportunities to women in the Canberra region.

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