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Australia’s Most Popular Fundraising Events?

Australia’s Most Popular Fundraising Events?

Community Events - trivia quizzes, markets, comedy nights, car shows, talks, etc., were Australia’s most popular fundraising event category over the last year.  

Evening Events - Cocktail Party, Dinner, Ball/Gala and Party were the runners up with 23.4% or nearly a quarter of fundraisers. Daytime Events - Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, and Racing/Melbourne Cup are 13.7% of fundraisers.

The detailed results were : Community(36%), Athletic(13.2%), Ball/Gala(11.1%), Cocktail Party(6.6%), Childrens(6.3%), Lunch(6.1%), Concert(5.1%), Tea(4.2%), Dinner(3.7%), Party(2.1%), Breakfast(1.6%), Golf(1.18%), and Racing/ Melbourne Cup(1.8%).


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