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Do You Fundraise Through Photography?

Do you fundraise through photography?

Is your event one of the many that overlook the power and fundraising capability of photography? Even the smallest events can generate significant additional funds through photography.  We interviewed Andy Edwards from about their unique approach.

“Why is photography important?”

Photos provide great memories of people’s achievements. Charity events are significant for participants having a connection with the charity, and achieving a personal goal, perhaps completing their first 5km run.

People love sharing photos on social media that show their accomplishments, and in doing so, they help to promote the charity and what a great time they had.

“Fundraisers and event organisers are busy volunteers”

We understand that event organisers have a lot on their plate and don’t need any additional hassle, but they also want to maximise their ability to raise funds for their worthy cause.

We have created a unique service to look after all the event photography and take the hassle away from the event organiser. In 3 minutes, you can set up your event with GeoSnapShot, and even request our photographers to attend.  Afterwards, photographers upload their photos and GeoSnapShot coordinates the sales, customer service and payments.

It’s probably one of the easiest aspects of organizing a fundraising event.

“Why not just share photos on facebook and instagram?”

We love the idea of promoting and sharing photos via social media, but it doesn’t allow charities and events to fundraise.

GeoSnapShot allows any organisation, including schools and charities, to sell their photos online.  Once purchased, photos are then shared on social media networks. By buying the photo, participants are further supporting the fundraising efforts of the charity. 

“How much does it cost?”

The service is free to use for all event organisers and photographers.  Money only changes hands when photos are purchased.

Each event determines it’s own price for the photos appropriate to the event.  Most commonly, photos sell for around $10, but they can be shared for free, or sold at any price decided in advance by the event organiser.

Up to 70% of every photo sold is donated to the charity.

“How do people find out more and use GeoSnapShot?”

We’re an Australian based company that supported over 1,000 events last year, covering a multitude of sporting events, school functions, and of course charity fundraisers. You can find out all the information about charity events at or contact Sarah on 0410 077 443.

We’d love to help you get more form your event.”


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