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Dec 25 Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch In Adelaide - Newcomers & Christmas Orphans - Adelaide

If you would like to attend, please register so that we can attract even more people to this great event!

***Everyone welcome - including newcomers to Adelaide, Christmas Day orphans, people who are single, married, couples, families, students, tourists, migrants, local residents, Australian citizens, children, adults, young or old, any faith or religion

- if you are looking for an alternative option for Christmas Day please join us -

this event will go ahead - rain hail or shine.

Free to attend, bring your own food.***

Christmas Day BYO Picnic Lunch in Adelaide

Christmas Day can be a lonely occasion if you are a long way away from family and friends.

It is also difficult if the traditional rituals cannot be recreated - as far as I know, there has never been snow in Adelaide on Christmas Day!

Even if you do not normally celebrate this religious occasion, it is still nice to have 'something to do' on Christmas Day as plenty of people at work will ask you 'what are you doing for Christmas?'


In 2006, Newcomers Network hosted an event in Catani Gardens, St Kilda (Victoria) and in 2007, we moved to the Queen Victoria Gardens next to St Kilda Road and opposite the Victorian Arts Centre. In 2015, Sue Ellson will be hosting the 10th Christmas Day Picnic Lunch in Melbourne.

These annual events started in Sydney in 2010, Perth in 2010, Brisbane in 2011 and Adelaide in 2013 (so if you are not in Adelaide on the day, please join one of these groups if you are available!)

We usually have between 20 - 100 people attending - bringing bikes, footballs, cricket bat and balls, frisbees, dogs, friends or coming on their own.

What to Bring

• a name tag with your first name on it
(a simple sticker or piece of paper and pin will do)

• hat, sunglasses, sunscreen

• whatever you would like to eat, drink and share (including water)

• picnic mat and/or chair 

Also Listed Online

Although Sue Ellson (the organiser) will not be attending this Meetup in Adelaide, the event is also being promoted on the following websites

• Newcomers Network

• Meetup

• Facebook

Volunteer Host Needed

If you are interested in being a volunteer host for this event, please contact Sue Ellson (sueellson @ This involves:

• bringing a home made sign with 'Newcomers Network Meetup' written on it

• arriving on time at midday with some extra name tags and a texta for guests who arrive without one

You do not need to bring extra food. Thanks in advance!

Christmas Day Picnic Lunch Videos

- fun spy version

- longer descriptive version

More Information

Email adelaide @
Telephone Sue Ellson + 61 402 243 271.


Elder Park Rotunda
King William Road
Meet between the Rotunda and the Torrens River
Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Latitude -34.917547 Longitude 138.598582

We look forward to seeing you there!

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