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CharityDOs Does US Fundraisers

Fundraising events are an international phenomena with the United States leading the way followed by countries such as England, Hong Kong, etc. CharityDOs recently explored the fundraising event scene in New York City (Manhattan) and California (Santa Barbara and Palm Springs).

Manhattan is ground-zero for fundraising events in the world with an estimated 30 fundraisers per day to keep you busy – all documented by magazines such as “Avenue”. Not only is the number but the range of Manhattan fundraising events extensive – from pop-ups to the New York City Marathon - it’s inescapable. The relentless day-to-day enjoyment of fundraisers by mere mortals and the elite socialites alike keeps Manhattan humming along. Manhattanites self-identify firstly with their name and then with the charities they support – they wear charities like a badge of honour for all to see and admire.

From the ladies who lunch of Park, Madison and Fifth Avenue to the Hamptons and Berkshires by summer, to the high medical/hospital and cultural balls of “the season” – fundraising events are an integral of part of daily living – from $50 to $1000 per ticket.

The three big reasons for many Manhattan (and across the United States) fundraising events is to fund hospitals and medical research, universities and cultural institutions (museums/art galleries). From the White High Tea for the charity “Hope for Depression” to the New York University Medical Center Ball – fundraising events drive fashion, restaurants and cultural/social and political agendas as the billionaires, celebrities and corporate leaders donate and donate!

The Manhattan Idea is that you go to fundraising events continuously and GIVE, and you say how much you gave and how much you are going to give in the future. You enjoy and compete for kudos – and you write that check!

On the other more West coast of the United States in California, fundraising events maybe a little bit more laid back, but the money still flows with the champagne. At the “Corn Chowder” fundraiser on a sunny Sunday afternoon in downtown Santa Barbara; the charity folks worked the room gathering checks and pledges. On Saturday night, at the $500 per head glamourous dinner at a Santa Barbara winery in the hill country, exclusive black-tie fashions from Montecito’s boutiques mixed with fine food and wines – and the money flowed!

On the other hand, Palm Springs California fundraising events are a level above mere Santa Barbara – more like Manhattan in the desert. You can go to a charity fundraiser in Palm Springs for under $200, but over $500 is more the norm. With old celebrities and billionaires by the dozens, Palm Springs offers you about 20-30 fundraising events each month from charity golf to charity balls. But like Manhattan – the level of funds donated is shattering! For example, the fundraising events at the Palm Springs Art Museum have garnered more than 70 donations of over $1 million and hundreds of donations between $250,000 and $1 million. But on the other hand you can go to a ladies charity luncheon in Palm Springs for under $150. Not bad.

The most amazing fundraising event phenomena on display in Palm Springs are on Interstate I-110. As you wing you way across the desert in your coupe from Los Angeles to Palm Springs – roadside billboards (40 feet high) invite you to exclusive charity ladies luncheons for a good cause – why not – only in America!

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