Thursday, 16 July 2015 10:27

Support Blue September and Prostate Cancer Research

Blue September BLUESEPTEMBER.ORG.AU is a nationwide awareness and fundraising initiative for men’s cancer, supporting Australian Prostate Cancer Research and The Australian Cancer Research Foundation.

Every year, 30% more men die of cancer than women, purely from late diagnosis.

We are fighting to change that. 

This year, we want to raise $400,000!

A key priority this year is to purchase life saving, early diagnosis equipment for the Men's Prostate Clinic in Melbourne, that will be available for men around the country. It will cut waiting times from 4-6 months to just a few days and within hours, you'll get a diagnosis.

Channel 9 presenter and ambassador 
Clint Stanaway did a tour of the clinic at Australian Prostate Cancer Research and spoke with Dr. Daniel Moon about the equipment we're raising money for. Take a look!


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