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ipledg Workshops - Crowdfund Your Charity

Crowdfunding is becoming more popular every day and is popping up in the news more and more.

Crowdfunding has been used to successfully raise funds for all sorts of projects - charitable causes, creative endeavours, community projects, and a lot more besides. As one of the fastest growing forms of e-commerce on the planet, it's clear that the idea of raising money without having to go into debt or surrendering your equity is an appealing one - but how do you make crowdfunding work for you? If you're looking for all the tips, tricks and information you'll need for a successful crowdfunding campaign of your own, this workshop is for you. Crowdfunding expert and founder of iPledg, Bryan Vadas is coming to Melbourne for an exclusive workshop -

Melbourne – Jan 12 -

Brisbane – Jan 17 -

Sunshine Coast – Jan 10 -

If you want to know all about how to use crowdfunding to fund your passion, you won't want to miss out on this. By participating in this campaign and buying workshop tickets, you can get your first taste of crowdfunding right here and now - this is a great practical way to experience just how powerful crowdfunding is!

Make your pledge and secure your ticket now, so you can come along to the workshops in Melbourne on the 12th of January (Monday). There will be a morning and afternoon workshop so come to which evere suits you - or come to both!

Here's what's happening on the day: Session One (Morning Session - 9.00am to 12.00noon) - What the BLEEP is crowdfunding?  - If you're wanting all your questions answered to fully understand the "WHAT?" "WHY?" and "HOW??" of crowdfunding this session is for you.  Session Two (Afternoon Session - 1.00pm - 4.00pm) - Crowdfunding Toolbox
- The nitty gritty of how to plan and implement a successful campaign. Get specialised advice on your project and the tweaks you will need for success. You can attend both sessions or either one, whatever suits you! Pledge your support and get a ticket to either session in either location, or pledge the Dual Session Pledge and come to both the morning and afternoon session in your preferred location and become armed and dangerous in the art of crowd funding This is a unique opportunity to get some one on one advice and gain a unique understanding of how to enjoy the rewards of a successful crowdfunding project.

Bryan's frank and candid jargon-busting approach will see you well equipped to manage a successful campaign. Whether you're a newcomer to the idea of crowdfunding, or you've been nursing an idea for some time now, you will get the information you need. Don't miss this opportunity to make your campaign a success!

To come to the morning session in Melbourne click on the Morning Session $15 pledge to the right and be rewarded with a ticket to the morning session – What the Bleep is Crowd Funding? To come to the afternoon session in Melbourne click on the Afternoon Session $15 pledge to the right and be rewarded with a ticket to the afternoon session – Crowd Funding Toolbox Want to come to both sessions in Melbourne?

Click on the Double Session Pass $20 pledge and you’ll save $10 on the cost of buying two separate tickets

Finally, please spread the word through facebook, twitter, email, or shout it from the rooftops so your friends too can find out about crowd funding with iPledg

To attend a woprkshop or for more information contact Bryan Vadas <>;

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