Thursday, 11 December 2014 09:02

New Scratch and Help Fundraising

Fast Fundraising ( is offering a high profit, lowest effort fundraising technique called Scratch and Help. "Scratch and Help" booklets are loved by sports teams, youth groups, event organisers, charities, churches, scout groups and many more clubs and organisations around Australia.

The concept is really simple, but incredibly effective. Each of your fundraisers receives a "Scratch and Help" booklet which has been custom designed to your group. Inside the booklet there are 40 scratch off circles. Your fundraisers ask people if they would support your cause by simply scratching off one or more of the circles and donating the amount revealed underneath. The amounts range from 50c to $3 so it is within the comfort zone for most people to afford a small donation that also makes them feel good about helping out. Each booklet raises $80 in donations and costs only $16 - a $64 profit from each booklet!

For more information contact Adam EL-Agez at Fast Fundraising (

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