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GeoSnapShot: Fundraising Through Photography

More than likely you have your own volunteer photographers at your event but did you know there is now a unique photography platform that enables you to easily share for free or sell photos from your event?

Did you know you could generate additional revenue from your next event through photography sales with no cost and no hassle to you?

Many charities are supported with GeoSnapShot photography services, including Giant Steps, Big Red Ride, Humpty Dumpty Foundation and Sydney Children's Hospital Foundation.

GeoSnapShot is a unique photography sales platform that enables the sale of photos from your event using your existing volunteer photographers.

 How does GeoSnapShot work?

  1. Your volunteer photographers take photos at the events and upload them to GeoSnapShot.
  1. You tell participants to go to the GeoSnapShot website to view and purchase the photos. Purchased photos are instantly downloaded as a high quality digital images.
  1. All revenue generated from photo sales is split 70% to your photographers (who donate back to you) and 30% to GeoSnapShot. There is no cost for signing up or loading photos onto GeoSnapShot.

How much are the photos?

The price is fully flexible and determined by you. You can choose that photos are completely free or set any price you wish for the photos.

We recommend an initial default price of $8.95 per photo, but leave the decision to you.  Participants will feel better knowing that 70% is going back to the charity.

Need photographers?

You can also request GeoSnapShot photographers to cover your next event.  Please note photographers provided via GeoSnapShot are entitled to keep the income from their sales, but your participants still benefit from the exposure and coverage of the event.

 Show me a demo

We’ve set up a demo event so you can see how people view and purchase photos.

Simply go to:

All photos in the demo event are free but you can set any price you wish for photos from your event. 

What’s next?

1) When you’re ready simply register your event on our calendar at setting the password (if required) and price for the photos.

2) Tell photographers to upload photos after the event.

Andy Edwards,

Founder of

w: 02 9982 5185  m: 0401 691 686  e:

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