Monday, 27 October 2014 09:49

UNICEF Ebola Children's Crisis

As you no doubt already know, West     Africa is currently in the grip of an outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus - and Children are paying the highest price.   

Helpless children watch in horror as Ebola kills their mothers and fathers. Despondent, destitute, desperate for just a hug, these children turn to relatives, neighbours - anyone for help.   

UNICEF is helping these traumatised and physically vulnerable children in West Africa - providing emotional support, medical treatment and assistance in delivering prevention, protection and care. But UNICEF's Ebola emergency response is drastically underfunded - we need your help NOW.   

We must act - and act fast. Please, will you make a donation today to support children who have lost everything?        

We need help to deliver equipment like protective suits, chlorine and goggles, hygiene kits for families to protect themselves and resources to support children left orphaned or suffering as a consequence of this virus.

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