Monday, 11 August 2014 17:41

CharityDOs Fundraiser Tips and Techniques - Auctions

CharityDOs Fundraiser Tips and Techniques 

Auctions are a common feature of major fundraising events. At a recent charity ball, CharityDOs noted that during fundraising auctions many bidders were disappointed, as only the top bid wins the auction item. How can charities capture the money from those potentially lost bids during an auction to keep everybody happy and maximise funds raised?

CharityDOs asked Adam Herodotus from Helping Hand Group ( about the latest fundraiser auction techniques to capture the money from potentially lost bids. Adam said “Helping Hand Group is able to secure “multiples” of some items. Our exclusive fundraising system, Ballot Bidding® is tailored to sell these multiples and capture what would traditionally be a losing bid and boost funds raised during auctions”. So there are more winners, and more money raised – good news for fundraisers! To learn more about Ballot Bidding® please contact Helping Hand Group on 02 8338 8755 or

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