Thursday, 10 July 2014 10:46

New TapAquiz for Fundraising Trivia Nights

TapAquiz gives Trivia hosts and fundraising professionals everything they need to run a successful trivia night, replacing the need for pen and paper scoring and marking question sheets manually. Delivering questions straight to handsets in real time as they display on screen and polling for answers live means hosts have more time to get on with running their fundraising event, while also enhancing the user experience.

Software and app development in the past has been extremely expensive, especially for small and medium sized businesses in Australia, but with the rise of the internet and the SaaS “Software as a service” business model – a model where software is written once and delivered multiple times over the internet for a small usage fee, means that there has never been a better time for agencies to take full advantage of tools they could only dream of 5 years ago. It’s a very exciting time for the IT industry in general and we hope to partner up with more fundraising agencies in the future to build more great products.

Damien Cook is cofounder and software developer at Appytizer Pty Ltd, a software development firm based in Melbourne, Australia that creates innovative web, mobile and desktop applications. Get started hosting your next Trivia night at

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