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Hold a Bear Drive for Pregnancy Loss Australia

Hold a PLA Bear Drive -
To help ensure every beareaved family across Australia receives a pregnancy loss australia official bear.

For every $20 you raise we will donate an official Bear to an Australian hospital or to a bereaved family directly in your baby's honour.
Simply create a Bear Drive fundraising page, email your personal link to your friends, family and colleagues and ask for their support through an online donation.  
We have three different bears. Ruby Bear, Journey Bear and Forever Bear

Pregnancy Loss Australia is the original bear giving program in Australia founded in Adelaide in 2002. It is a special gift from one bereaved family to another, something for them to hold onto before they have to leave the hospital with such empty arms. Family's welcomed and embraced the gesture by giving bears back to other family's about to travel this journey.

The bear giving is the basis of the support program by connecting with bereaved families right at the very beginning and offering ongoing support.

We have been operating in every state of Australia since 2004 and now offers the program in every maternity hospital of Australia.

You can make a difference to the many families that have to leave the hospital with such empty arms.

Thank you so much for helping the program reach out to thousands of families across Australia who experince the heartbreaking loss of their babies.

1 in 4 pregnancies end in LOSS

6 babies are stillborn EVERYDAY in Australia

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