Thursday, 29 November 2012 15:55

Chicks@Lunch Christmas Luncheon - Whacky Do!

Was this the final Chicks@Lunch?? Our wonderful Chicks@lunch hostess Rosie Jones is retiring - BUT will run a Chicks@Lunch 11th Anniversary Luncheon on Wednesday June 26 and a Christmas Luncheon on Wednesday November 28 at the Southport Yacht Club. So all is not lost. Over 120 women enjoyed the Chicks@Lunch Christmas Luncheon at the Southport Yacht Club yesterday. Our Christmas Buffet was entertained by a musical extravaganza of dancing and singing, before Rosie was showered with farewell flowers and champagne after her nearly 11 years of raising funds for the Animal Welfare League of Queensland (with many helpers and supporters).

See the Chicks@Lunch fun -

More fun - &

So fear not, our Chicks@Lunch will carry on in 2013 - YEH! PLUS we can enjoy the White Sunnies Luncheon (next on February 14 at the Fuel Bar and Restaurant) hosted by Jacquie. AND the new Friends of the Animals Luncheon hosted by Judith Eleanor on February 27 at the Italian-Australian Club at Clear Island Waters. Lunch is once again assured on the Gold Coast!!

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