Wednesday, 23 April 2014 10:19

Click Click Give - New Fundraising App

We’ve just launched ClickClickGive and invite you for an exclusive preview.

We’ve also been busy working on an innovative way to raise funds for charity. ClickClickGive is a Chrome/Firefox/Safari extension that delivers beautiful images each time a new tab is opened. We raise money from banner ads/branded graphics on these new tabs. We donate 100% of these profits directly to charity. Our initial charities are UNICEF, Save The Children and CARE international (we will expand these in the future).

So we think we’ve developed a pretty cool (easy, fun and 100% free) way to raise money for charity and really make a difference in the world, without asking people to change doing what they already do. 

Anyway, you can check out our extension start page demo and some feature pages below, which are much more interesting than just reading this.

Start Page Demo:                   

 About Us Page:                       

 Your Impact Page:                 

 Meet The Charities Page:  

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