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The Growth Lab - Hot New Fundraising Conference

The Growth Lab is one of the hottest new fundraising conferences in the Asia Pacific region with world renowned key note speakers and presentations from fundraising professionals with real hands on experience. We’re going to bringing together over 300 fundraisers along with senior management from Australia and New Zealand’s top charities.

We're all about the science behind fundraising. Find out how the big charities got big and what some of the smaller charities are doing to beat them at their own game. Learn how top fundraisers from New Zealand, Australia and the rest of the world, plan to grow their fundraising programs, expand their channels and generally be the best that they can be.

Day 1, Wednesday 18 June:

Kick off with our expo & registration, meet some great new contacts and get the good stuff. Then enter the lab for a morning with Tony Elischer from Think Consulting. Learn how you can use data to drive fundraising, join a discussion on acquisition, and find out how to set up a robust Regular Giving program on a (small) budget.

Day 2, Thursday 19 June:

After a hearty breakfast with Tony, we have some more experiments in the lab - everything from social media to major donors and the story of 3 small organisations who are going to be the next big things. We finish the day with a few drinks to celebrate cracking the fundraising formula!

Day 3, Friday 20 June:

The Tony Elischer Workshop – Tony is one of the world's most inspiring and enthusiastic fundraisers. This workshop offers you the chance to work side by side with him to push the creative bounds of your organization for fundraising greatness.

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