Friday, 21 March 2014 12:53

"They're Calling on You" Fundraising for The Jane Goodall Institute

PhoneCycle and the Jane Goodall Institute are delighted to invite you to participate in “They’re Calling On You!” mobile phone recycling campaign to help save Great Apes. 

Help students’ on their quest to save the planet and protect gorillas by recycling your old mobile phones at your local participating school.

By recycling mobile phones you are not only diverting them from landfill, but also reducing the demand for coltan – a mineral mined from fragile Great Ape habitat and raising funds for Jane Goodall Australia.

PhoneCycle is proud to support the Jane Goodall Institute’s commitment to raising awareness of the connection between the increase in mobile phone production and the demise of Great Apes.

For more information or call PhoneCycle on 03 9988 0835 to get involved.

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