Friday, 10 January 2014 15:00

Hold an Iced Tea Party Fundraiser for Lymphoedema Research and Education

The Iced Tea Party™ is a refreshing, easy and fun way to get together with friends and raise money for lymphoedema research and education. Every year, hundreds of people are diagnosed with lymphoedema, a largely unknown disorder which causes swelling of the limbs and causes much discomfort. There is no cure.

Will you help us find a cure? Register here to host an Iced Tea Party™ this summer. Stay cool this summer  Morning, Evening, or Sultry Sundays, there’s always a good time throughout summer to host an Iced Tea Party™. Support people living with lymphoedema by hosting an Iced Tea Party™ or donating to the event to raise funds for lymphoedema research and education. We say cheers to the cool people who have supported the Iced Tea Party™ in previous years!

To be cool or stay cool, register to host an event, or donate to raise money for lymphoedema research and education. How your Iced Tea Party™ helps  There is no cure for lymphoedema. The Australasian Lymphology Association receives no government funding to provide research and education into the best treatments for people with lymphoedema, and our goal is to find a cure. Our research focuses on care of patients with lymphoedema, education for health care professionals to ensure early diagnosis, and research into better treatments and cures.

So your support of the Iced Tea Party™ has never been more important to the people living with lymphoedema – now, and in the future. Register or Donate today, and make sure you like our Facebook page for tips on how to stay cool this summer with your Iced Tea Party™. - See more at:

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