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Donate to the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Donate to the Cure Cancer Australia Foundation

Over the last decade significant positive change has occurred in the diagnosis, treatment and outcomes of so many cancers. This is due to research.

Research conducted by brave and brilliant young cancer researchers who, like Andy Warhol, were not afraid to take risks to achieve results.

Researchers like Dr Liesel FitzGerald whose work with prostate cancer focuses on those patients whose cancer is likely to become aggressive. This could lead to thousands of men avoiding unnecessary surgery and the potential associated side effects.

If this research yields the results we’re expecting, not only is it a huge win for the patients,  but it would also reduce healthcare costs and at the same time free up funds and resource for more serious cases.

Our generous supporters made it possible to fund a record 38 researchers in 2013 and and our goal is to fund 50 researchers next year. Already we are reviewing applications for funding for 2014 and there are so many worthy applications.  To have to turn away promising candidates through lack of funds would be heartbreaking.

Will you help us achieve our goal of 50 researchers  by making a donation today ?

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