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Stillbirth Foundation of Australia Christmas Wish

Carols, Candy Cane & a Christmas Wish

At this time of year, each of us is inevitably drawn to thinking about the year that has passed, the year ahead and the imminence of the festive season. For each of us, Christmas brings with it a mixed bag of emotions and thoughts. For many it represents a time of giving, sharing and thinking about family and loved ones.

Sometimes our willingness to fulfil the Christmas wishes of special people in our lives beckons the inevitable question of “What would you like this Christmas?” Much like the special people in our lives, the Stillbirth Foundation Australia has its very own special Christmas wish. Ours is to raise $27,688 to commence funding an important study in 2014.

For our wish to come true, we need your help.The Stillbirth Foundation will be funding a study at the University of Newcastle which is aiming to develop tests that can predict the risk of stillbirth so that babies can be delivered before they die in the womb. Funding studies like this is important because it helps our Foundation meet one of the main objectives of its existence; that is the wish that other expectant families never endure the pain and suffering associated with the stillbirth of their baby.

As Christmas nears, we wish to thank all of you, our wonderful supporters for your incredible dedication to supporting the Stillbirth Foundation Australia through attendance at our events and your kind donations made in loving memory of your beautiful babies. Your continued support to raise $27,688 is what the Stillbirth Foundation wishes for Christmas. We appeal to your generous spirit and ask that you donate now to our “Christmas Wish” campaign.

Happy Christmas and best wishes,
Stillbirth Foundation Australia team

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